Destinations: Crossroads and Monument Vista

Destinations:  Crossroads and Monument Vista

Crossroads is 2 bed and 1 bath, adorable cottage with your own quiet, private 5 acres, on dead-end road, adjoining promenade hike along the Little Morongo Wash. Fully stocked central kitchen.

Two patios:
– one fenced in.
– the other under a large sail structure for outdoor entertaining with
gorgeous mountain vistas and natural light of the desert.

BBQ, WIFI, separate TV screening room that can be closed off for quiet of everyone else, AC/heating.

Spectacular star gazing, relaxation, leisurely walks or serious hiking into the pristine environment of the protected Wilderness of the Monument.

The Chateaus

The Chateaus

The Chateaus are a 25- acre, private estate that has the “6 Panorama Signature Qualities.”  It shares a property line with the 154,000 acres Sand to Snow National Monument so can walk directly into the park.  This is location, location, location . . . minutes to all of the great things the desert has to offer.

A hideaway vacation destination in a year round playland. Panorama Pass, Morongo Valley (not to be confused with Moreno Valley or the Morongo Casinos) sits in the mountains above Palm Springs. As a result, it has great year round climate; summers are wonderful!

Hidden Passage

Hidden Passage

Private and gated 25 acre estate with fully equipped vacation rentals.  Hidden Passage accommodations have everything you need for a memorable get away. You’ll find outdoor bathtubs, picnic areas, wood burning stoves and outdoor living rooms. Perfect for longer stays or vacation get aways, 20 minutes from Palm Springs, Pioneertown and Joshua Tree.

Hidden Passage offers spectacular desert views, star gazing, cooling off in our gorgeous solar heated infinity swimming pool and explore miles of unforgettable exhilarating and dog friendly hiking trails right outside your back door.

DAOS – Join the Movement

DAOS – Join the Movement

Be an Individual

Don’t have time to worry about the rest of the world? No problem.

Just worry about yourself. This can change the world.

Copyright © 2022 Rex Beasley

Earth’s challenges for survival seem overwhelming. At the same time, a person naturally strives to improve their own personal space acting for self-interests. The reptilian brain propels us to improve where we live, whether in a Tiny Home in Oregon, a large estate in the Hamptons or a rickshaw in Bangladesh. This drive is born from love of family, love of one’s personal sanctuary, survival, love of living.

If each individual acts to enhance their own personal environment in a self-serving yet “conscious manner,” our bio-sphere is actually improved. All of us moving forward as aware individuals (not necessary caring so much about others) creates a ground swell that can cause the world to survive, even flourish.

We at DAOS (Designs are of Symbiosis) are about showing processes of environmental empowerment. How to selfishly (or unselfishly) make your own personal environment better. How to live a higher quality of life and do it more efficiently (save money) with a lighter footprint. Be secure, happy, living outrageously at whatever scale you are in life.

So, what’s next? How is a person empowered to take intelligent, transforming steps with their environment and their lifestyle?

Note: DAOS subscribes to the idea that your environment and lifestyle are inescapably tied together. If your environment is not supportive to your being; its difficult to live well. A great lifestyle is well served by the springboard of a great place to live.

DAOS provides open-source library of road maps by which individuals can improve their personal spaces, creating enriching lifestyles. In these personal (sometimes self-oriented) endeavors, everyone is an architect that together – wittingly or unwittingly – align to a global ground swell. Such a ground swell changes the world.

DOAS gives away essential information such as how to build homes like the GEOTEC. Its also a place for kindred spirits to come together to share conscious lifestyles. If you’ve got great ideas, come share them and we’ll help you give them away also! If you just have questions . . . we may have life changing answers.

We have time to worry about the rest of the world. Join the movement to embark on a trip that demonstrates in effusive colors a world of change. Meet with us virtually or in person at the heartbeat of DAOS in Panorama Pass, Morongo Valley, CA 92256. Twenty minutes from Palm Springs and twenty minutes from Joshua Tree National Park.

Meditation, Peace in the Yin Yang, Zen and Labyrinth Gardens at the Chateaus

Meditation, Peace in the Yin Yang, Zen and Labyrinth Gardens at the Chateaus

The Yin Yang symbol represents many ideas: that two opposite characteristics can exist in harmony and complement each other, that the world (particularly the natural world) is interconnected, that there can be no light without dark, no valleys without mountains, no moon without the sun. It is a symbol of balance, peace, and harmony. It is what we at Panorama Pass aspire to be.

You may notice that within the Yin Yang circle at the Chateau Sonoma there two distinct gardens. Each side was selected by the couple that sponsor the Chateaus:
• The wife chose the Labyrinth (dark side) which represents a meandering but purposeful journey.
• The husband selected the Zen garden (light side), which represents a serene place where the mind can be at rest.

They see the Yin Yang circle and these gardens at Chateau Sonoma as extensions of themselves: two opposite but interconnected individuals that complement one another. This strikingly dramatic, meditation garden is visible from outer space.

We invite you, as guests at the Chateaus, to enjoy this space in the morning sunshine, for quiet times throughout the day, and to star gaze at night. We hope you have a peaceful and harmonious journey here at Panorama Pass, at home, and wherever your travels may take you.

Ready to Build Your Fantasy Home in the Desert?

Harmony Sails

The living room glides outdoors . . . an ultra-desert home . . . and its affordable . . . seriously!

Morongo Valley, both “out of the way” and “at the center of everything” in the Southern California Desert, has something else to offer that is “out of this world.”

Take a look at Environments by Rex videos on YouTube:

Yes! The living room went outdoors and so did the kitchen . . . at the verbal command of “living room out.”  The kitchen goes to three locations.   We have many properties on which to build and many architecture designs. Build one that is all about you.


  1. Call us at 866-922-5603 or email to make an appointment when you come to visit the desert.
  2. Allow half a day to meet at the Harmony Sails showroom:
    a. Talk about your custom home interests and needs.
    b. Take a field trip to look at gorgeous properties where your home can be built.
  3. We have the land, the architecture and can build a home for you in 6 months.
  4. Financing includes the home and lot, which helps reduce the down payment needed.

Vacation in Sand

Vacation in Sand


We like walking in the sand. Do you?

Memories of nature resonate in our soul even after we’ve departed. The beach and the desert are two unique, natural environments that inspire and allure. The beach and the desert are polar opposites, yet at the same time, they both feed the senses and the spirit with infusing, cascading rhythms.

Both the beach and the desert are purified by the sun, the sand scrubbed clean by nature. There is a merging and simplicity of sand. The sand massages and envelopes bare feet, the body molds, experiencing a connection to the earth.

When alone, the desert becomes a tone of silence, sound absorbed by the sand. The beach in a corresponding manner is also one tonal quality with the continual washing of the waves back and forth across the sand. It refreshes and realigns life forces.

Panorama Pass, where you can “vacation in the sand” in the sister get-a-ways of the Mojave High Desert of California and the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii. Both are at the “center of everything” in their distinct, exotic worlds. As a result, in addition to the serenity of sandy environments, you can enjoy a feast of adventures, eateries, sports and entertainment on an expansive spectrum. Book your “sandy” getaway today!

Best Camping Near Joshua Tree

AirCottage Safari tent village

Stay in the AirCottage Village

This is genuine “Un-camping.” The Safari Tents are so livable, we call them AirCottages. 

There are four AirCottages gathered in a village setting, with a shared community platform that includes a kitchen with all the accoutrements for cooking and serving, including two BBQs, sinks, refrigerator, dishes and utensils, pots/pans and coffee maker.  The village also has four real flush toilets, two showers and two slipper bathtubs where you can soak under the stars.

Each AirCottage has a queen size bed with memory foam mattress, heated mattress pad, electric lights, plug-ins for computer and cell phone, picnic table, and lounge chairs.

The community atmosphere is wonderful for groups, but private enough for those who wish to be on their own within the natural beauty of Hidden Passage Guest Ranch.  Enjoy hiking, the dramatic infinity pool, and all the amenities and comforts of Hidden Passage, a private “island” nestled within the Sand to Snow National Monument.