Places to Gather

A huge sculpturing of stacked rocks in the desert wildness creates a blank canvas for seating, exhibiting, cavorting and gatherings. Known as The Forum at Hidden Passage this dramatic 120’ bowl of inspiration and privacy is enhanced by:

The sun drops behind the mountains to the west earlier in the evening than most of the desert, which creates a softening of the sun and long peaceful evenings of soft light.

The seating faces east so the afternoon sun is on people’s backs and not in their eyes.

The desert floor slopes upward from the path of the audio, creating optimal conditions for sound quality.


Harmony Sails.  The most indoor-outdoor home in the world. Livingroom and kitchen glide outdoors. Huge outdoor theater in the round called The Rotunda. Massive screens locate to create your own set with desert surround. Entire home is a stage with walls that reveal the home interior

The Sonoma Lodge offers guests a large shared area with full kitchen, dining room, and den.

Chateau Sonoma is a large, rambling home, with multiple spaces to share experiences in the beauty of the desert surroundings. Great for a group of friends with shared interests, a family reunion or a business get together. Sonoma Lodge offers comfort and spaciousness for a multiplicity of gatherings.

Apollo is the Hidden Passage central gathering spot to hang out, relax with a cup of tea or coffee and a good book, or use the WiFi to catch up on work or with friends back home.  There's a bathroom, shower and BBQ available for all guests to use.  Make yourself at home in Apollo!