Unique To Panorama Pass

Panorama Pass has many Remarkable and Unique Features, Few Can Provide


Panorama Pass is Dog Friendly

Dogs are welcome at both 25-acre estates. The estates are a wonderful place for you and your dog to explore.

Additionally, you can walk into the Sand to Snow National Monument directly from our estates and DOGS ARE ALLOWED.

There is also a dog run at the Chateaus.

Mission Creek is 15 minutes away . . . also welcomes dogs, a hidden treasure few know about.

AND we like dogs, have our own dogs! 😊


Panorama Pass is bike friendly

Take your bike all over the estate. Ride your bike from your cottage to the pool, the Wifi Cafe, around the numerous village roads.  Chateaus Estate has a Loop Tail that you can bike up on top of a mountain or take the roads around the lower property.  (Note that bikes are not permitted in the Sand to Snow National Monument.)

We have two cool adventure bike rides we recommend:

“Chateaus to Hidden Passage Adventure Trail”: a 6-mile round trip that goes through the Sand to Snow National Monument, a desert wash and along a quaint village road of Morongo’s Valley Village.  At one point you have the choice of climbing a small mountain or taking a gentle village diversion.

“Panorama Heights Top of the World”: a 3-mile round trip that initially runs by horse ranches and villagers ends at a private mountain where you can bike to the top. The view at the top is the highest private property in the entire area; it will positively rock your socks.  (If not a “big time biker” you may want to climb the meandering trail up the mountain rather than bike.  As a guest you can hike around this private property or into the adjoining Sand to Snow Monument . . . and never see another soul.


World Class Hiking

Panorama Pass has mapped out for you miles of hiking trails. Few people can get to our hiking areas as they are remote to the rest of the desert and the trail heads initiate from Panorama properties.  So it’s just you, nature, quiet, untraveled wilderness, vistas, pristine air, wildlife.

If you thought you’d seen all of the desert, Panorama Pass has a whole new world to discover. The hiking is in pristine desert landscapes, goes to an Oasis, climbs mountains, runs through dramatic desert washes, goes to “Panoramic Views” that take your breath away.  (Note Panorama Pass’s name comes from the incredible panorama views of this high desert area.  We have 4 favorite Panorama Views/hike to which we invite you to explore.)


Panorama Pass has “5 Signature Qualities” about which we like to Brag 🙂

Two 25 acres properties. There is lots of room to roam in pristine, natural desert landscape.  Healthy distancing is assured.

We have large gathering spaces: Big kitchens, large outdoor patios, large decks, even an amphitheater.

Every accommodation has an outdoor living room with an amazing view. So you can be assured when having a meal outdoors or just lounging outside with nature, you are immersed in a view that will stir your soul.

You can hike into the National Park right out the door of your abode. Most accommodations in the desert require a drive to get to world class hiking (i.e. Joshua Tree.)  However, in Panorama Pass you can hike right out your door into Wilderness and National Park you will never forget.

Location, location, location. From the Center of Morongo Valley, it’s 25 minutes to Palm Springs, 25 minutes to Joshua Tree and 20 minutes to Pioneer Town.   As people often say, this is the only location where you can conveniently hike in Joshua Tree during the day and dance or dine in Palm Springs at night.