Vacation in Sand

Vacation in Sand


We like walking in the sand. Do you?

Memories of nature resonate in our soul even after we’ve departed. The beach and the desert are two unique, natural environments that inspire and allure. The beach and the desert are polar opposites, yet at the same time, they both feed the senses and the spirit with infusing, cascading rhythms.

Both the beach and the desert are purified by the sun, the sand scrubbed clean by nature. There is a merging and simplicity of sand. The sand massages and envelopes bare feet, the body molds, experiencing a connection to the earth.

When alone, the desert becomes a tone of silence, sound absorbed by the sand. The beach in a corresponding manner is also one tonal quality with the continual washing of the waves back and forth across the sand. It refreshes and realigns life forces.

Panorama Pass, where you can “vacation in the sand” in the sister get-a-ways of the Mojave High Desert of California and the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii. Both are at the “center of everything” in their distinct, exotic worlds. As a result, in addition to the serenity of sandy environments, you can enjoy a feast of adventures, eateries, sports and entertainment on an expansive spectrum. Book your “sandy” getaway today!