Innovative Architecture and Real Estate

Geo-Modern Architecture

Architecture that provides a higher performance and high quality of life then exists in the rest of the world of static architecture.  Innovations in “indoor-outdoor living.

Environments by Rex

Is a changing the custom home industry:

  • builds custom homes in record time and healthy living quality.
  • has a large inventory of land for homes, that turns upside down the finances and simplicity of building your own home.
  • is expert in ADU’s and vacation investment properties. You can be living in the desert in 1, 2, 3.
  • offering innovations in home design - transforming components that take your indoors...  outdoors!

Real Estate Investing in Panorama Pass, California 92256

  • Known by some as Morongo Valley, this is landlocked and limited real estate. San Francisco and New York City are limited in size by water driving up real estate prices.  92256 is sandwiched between huge national parks and inspiring mountain ranges.  Averaging 1 mile wide and 8 miles long the real estate is limited.
  • Further the area is a rare land bridge to the high desert and the low desert, a narrow land linking two huge population and vacation areas. This limited real estate is the gold standard for “location, location, location.”  Few are aware of this limited inventory real estate.
  • Panorama Pass in the center of the desert, 20 minutes to Palm Springs, 20 minutes to Joshua Tree, 100 minutes to Los Angles may appear simply a quiet, country living, nature paradise of spectacular vistas. Looks can be deceiving as there is an architecture and real estate disruption of the status quo centered in Panorama Pass, California 92256.


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